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You can MOVE IN 30 DAYS OR LESS by either BUYING NOW or BUYING LATER . It’s 5% CHEAPER if you buy now even if you have "UGLY CREDIT"

So, what’s in it for YOU?
  • You get a FAIR purchase price.
  • You can MOVE ASAP (in 30 days or less).
  • You get enrollment in an AUTOMATED RENT PAY program.
  • You get RENT CREDITS when you buy within 12 months.
  • You can OWN YOUR HOME in 12 months or less.

So, what’s the catch?

The Catch

Lack of motivation?...and maybe an up-to-the minute history of not paying your bills or not having enough income/credit to cover your basic day-to-day expenses? Nothing wrong with that it's just that it might not make sense to rent to someone who, from a financial/credit stand point, seems likely not to be in a position to pay the rent on time and in full.

However, if you are motivated and you have a history of paying your bills (decent credit history) and/or you are prepared to pay a significant option fee (such that it's unlikely that you would just blow it by NOT paying the rent or by damaging the property or otherwise violating the lease) then THERE IS NO CATCH. All applicants are welcomed and the strongest applicant who shows ability and willingness to pay rent in full and on time and to keep the property in good shape is going to be the applicant most likely to be offered a lease. Everything is case by case. You may have some unusual circumstances that you want considered. No problem.


YOU are someone who wants a house of their very own. Maybe you have less than perfect credit or even, frankly, ugly credit. You may or may not have used the services of a real estate agent in the past, but for whatever reason you haven't been able to get a house through that route. Welcome to Buy NOW...or Later! YOU are a soon-to-be owner!

You can move in within 30 days of selecting a home. Just check the Featured Property(see bottom of the page) Drive by to make sure that you like it and then call to get any more details that you need like: When can I get the keys to move in?

In order to MOVE IN 30 DAYS to you will need either CASH or CREDIT. One or the other will or both do. You don’t have to have both right now. By leasing now and buying later you will, among other things, improve your credit, make late rent a thing of the past. Hopefully that’s never been an issue, but just in case… How to improve or repair your credit may be of interest.

Most of our properties are in the following three area counties: Prince William County VA, Prince Georges County MD and Montgomery County MD

Why not? Isn't it about time you owned your own home? Why don't you already have one? Maybe you didn't know how, a realtor couldn't help you, someone told you that you have bad credit but didn't show you how to fix it, you think you can't qualify for a mortgage...If you can pay rent then you can pay a mortgage. If there are credit issues we help you face them, resolve them and live in the house that you will own within 12 months or more (case by case basis, determined at the beginning of the agreement). Why not, indeed!? You will deal directly with the property owner, no middlemen.


There are more houses available now than at any other time in recent US history and the numbers are growing. So we secure houses and then make it easy for you to buy them now or lease them now or buy them later. Sometimes this is called "rent to own' or "lease purchase" or "lease option"

We do what we do because we earn a living by providing a service that has value. We also get brownie points by doing the right thing. It's good karma. It's good business.

We have the experience, the credentials, and the ever-changing inventory to make good things happen for you. We are real estate investors in need of buyers, tenant-buyers or tenants. A few of us maintain real estate licenses or have been real estate agents or brokers in the past.

You have a need and we can fill that need. We play win win or we don't play.

This is easy; we share information through this website. You see opportunity--that fulfills a perceived need and/or desire--and you go for it. Simple.

If there are no properties listed at the time of your visit then simply send us an email and we'll send you a one page appliation

If you want to lease now and own later then check the feature property below and if it’s of interest contact the person whose name and number you find associated with the address.

If you LEASE NOW AND BUY LATER you will be required to pay a non-refundable fee equivalent to 3% of the BUY LATER price! So let’s work together and figure out how YOU CAN BUY NOW!

If you BUY NOW you get the best price and we can still help you with closing costs! Imagine...with 100% finaincing plus most of your closing costs covered you could move in 30 Days into a home that you own with next to nothing outofyour pocket.

The “BUY LATER” price is 5% higher than the “BUY NOW” price. So it’s cheaper to BUY NOW.